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Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 weeks!

I am at 30 weeks! This pregnancy is going faster than the first for sure, but I am definitely ready to be done and to meet this baby! I have officially hit the uncomfortable stage... My hips are killing me, finding a comfortable position to sit or lay in is tough, and the heartburn has officially started. (which is new to me since I didn't have it much with Jack...)

Weight Gain/Loss: at my last appointment it was 10 lbs... but I have another appointment tuesday. (it's been 4 weeks)
Maternity Cloths? mostly... I wear maternity pants even when I am not pregnant though! shh!
Gender: It's a surprise!
What I Miss: sleep, being comfortable, alcohol (not that I drink much, but I would love a beer or glass of wine or jack and coke!)
Weekly Wisdom: 10 more weeks, 10 more weeks...
Milestones: we are in the third trimester!
Sleep? what sleep? I have pregnancy insomnia, though being able to sleep in Jack's room on the guest bed has helped. It is quieter in there so I can fall back to sleep better. (and stretch out...)
Energy?: what energy? I can barely make it up the stairs, and I swear I am winded just changing positions on the couch, hehe... This baby is already pressing on my lungs!
Excercise?: with the nice weather we've been having Jack and I have been trying to go for walks every day.
Movement?: A lot!
Food cravings?: latest one was jalapeno poppers and chips and queso... haha. Oh, and of course, Donuts!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting into our new house, and then of course having this baby!
Preparations:? None yet... not until after we move.
Best Moment this week:? swimming with Jack at the swim center. =) Spending time at the mall with Josh and Jack. =)

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