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Monday, December 13, 2010

so behind...

I am so behind on blogging... I blame it on the pregnancy and a strong willed pushing his limits toddler.

Anyways, the pregnancy is going good! I have been feeling the baby move a lot, and Josh even got to feel it kick for the first time last week! Last week we also had an ultrasound! Most of you know we are waiting to find out the gender, but it was fun to see our baby! Baby was being super stubborn though, and didn't want to show it's face! it took 45 minutes of poking and pushing before we finally got a decent profile shot! Here are a couple of the shots we got...

As I mentioned earlier, Jack is showing a bit of a strong will. I am sure a big part of it is his learning boundaries too... but he has been pushing us, not wanting to listen very often (especially to me,) and just being a toddler, I guess. It is a huge learning experience for us too, as new parents. We are learning how to best deal with him and the situations. But it is definitely draining... of both energy and patience (not to mention sanity!) Especially being pregnant and not sleeping well... I am having to put extra effort into not losing my cool or breaking down.

He is also cutting another molar, so he has been super grumpy the past couple days. drooling, runny nose, sneezing, the whole nine yards... which just makes it all a little harder on all of us.

I am excited about Christmas though! We are celebrating with my family this coming weekend, then just having a small Christmas at home on Christmas day. I am excited mostly for Jack because he might actually understand the whole opening of presents and stuff this year. =)

Anyways, here are a couple pictures of Jack from the past couple weeks!

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Chari said...

I love the profile pics!!! I wish I had gotten some :-(