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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

We had a pretty busy weekend! It all started Friday night with our church's Harvest fair. We took Jack and he got to go "Trunk or Treating." He finally got the hang of it at about the last car. hehe... but he was all prepared for Halloween! He got some candy (for mom and dad of course!) and got to play some fun games!

Then on Saturday morning, we went out to watch the Nevada Day Parade! Oct. 31st is when Nevada because a state, and it is a big holiday here! They have the state's largest parade and everything! It was fun, and we left after 3 hours and they were still going! We got some fun pictures though!

Saturday night we went to some friends for a costume party. I didn't take any pictures though!

Then of course Sunday was Halloween! Jack and I went to our Friend's house to go trick or treating with them and their little guy. Jack loved it!

Overall, we had a fun weekend! (except for Josh being sick...) How was your Halloween?f

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sara said...

Jack's pokey hair in the Halloween pics is just too cute!