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Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Baby baby!

Well, today I had my first ultrasound! The baby was being stubborn and was curled in a ball facing my back making it almost impossible to get any good shots, especially of the face. But everything looks good. I was measuring a week behind my original estimated due date, which moves my due date to April 7th. But, since the baby was smaller, I get another ultrasound on Dec. 8th!

Here are my ultrasound pictures...

A foot

The only face shot we got (after lots of jiggling and shoving! hehe)

View from the top/back. Head on the right, spine and legs.

So I thought I had my dates pretty accurately since I chart my temp and stuff... But looking back on my chart, it looks like It is possible that I had a mis-temp or something... for those of you who chart, tell me what you think...
(*ETA* I realized I counted the wrong way on the chart... hehe. I am sticking with my original date... because there was no BD within the next week and a half... therefore baby must just be measuring small! At least it's only a week at this point!)


Chari said...

awww I love ultrasounds!! I'm due the 5th according to my lmp, but the ultrasound showed the 8th and my chart showed the 7th. Since this is my second pregnancy, my edd I figured from my chart has always been off a day either way. Looking at yours I would say the 20th though, no doubt. However, I'm thinking that depending on how long it takes for the baby to implant could adjust your date some. Don't know if that is true or not but it's the only thing that makes sense to me :-)

So are you not going to find out the gender? Sorry if I missed that announcement if you were or not. We didn't find out with our first.

Chari said...

ok, looking at your chart again I realized you have your new date as you ovulated on the 12th day not the 18th is that correct?? It is possible to have a big dip on implantation day which would be the 17th. BUT I can tell you for a fact that FertilityFriend is VERY finicky. You can change your CM different OR not note it for a day or change your temp to the tenth and it will calculate your edd totally different. I played around alot with mine when we were ttc and the cycle I conceived on. I changed CM just on a couple of days and it totally changed everything.

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

So precious!

Karrie said...

Well, from looking at your chart (AND i have been looking at FF charts for over 6 years now). I would agree with the original date. The CM makes sense and the temps makes sense. It's possible to BD 5 days in advance and still get PG.

I think little Froggy is just measuring small. Brooklyn measured a week behind the whole time up until the end. But i KNEW when i conceived her so we kept my EDD according to O.

Sorry for those who don't understand the lingo. LOL!