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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jack is 14 months!

I can't believe my baby boy is 14 months old today!

He is getting so big, and He is walking all over the place now! He eats everything we eat now (well, almost everything...haha) He loves cheese and just about any kind of fruit, loves spaghetti and any kind of pasta, and bread. He had peanut butter for the first time, and did great! (and loved it!) He won't touch anything with ground beef in it though (well, he eats around the ground beef or spits it out.)

He loves going on walks, and stops to look at everything, including every car that drives by. It definitely makes for interesting walks!

He babbles all the time. He calls me and Josh both "Mama," says "yeeah" when you ask him what a kitty cat says, and "uh uh uh" when you ask what a doggie says. he can almost roar when you ask him what a lion says, but sometimes says BA!

He has 5 teeth and is currently trying to cut more (hopefully it happens soon! he is miserable!)

Happy 14 months baby! I can't wait to see you as a big brother!

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