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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hair Dryers

I think it is so hard to find a good hair dryer. I was lucky and found a good one like 5 or 6 years ago that has been with me through numerous hair styles. But it is getting old, and I would love to get a new one!

I found this neat website that has some of the Best Hair Dryers I've seen around. They have reviews and a "top 3" list that makes it easier to make a decision!

I really like the Velecta Paramount Professional Hair Dryer. This dryer is a high quality dryer with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology that emits far-infrared heat and negative ions that will preserve the natural moisture in your hair and decrease your drying time by 50%. How nice would that be! I hate drying my hair, so cutting that time in half would be nice! And the fact that it can help keep my hair healthier and help it hold moisture is a huge plus in the super dry climate we live in!

Have you shopped around for hair dryers lately?

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