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Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th of July

Yesterday we got up, hung out at home for a while, then went to the local fair (which wasn't anything big, and not much fun when you have no money!) Then we went down to check out a spot we had seen at the river that looked good for swimming. Josh and Jack swam for a little bit, and Jack loved it! Then, after we left the river, we went to our friend's for a little bbq dinner, and then went to watch the fireworks! Jack liked the fireworks too! Anyways, It was a fun day!

Here are a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Jack was putting on Josh's hat and crawling around laughing... it was hilarious! I got a video but youtube is not cooperating, so it will have to wait!

playing with his red and blue diapers I pulled out for the day!

Toes in the sand for the first time!

First dip in the river

Loving the water!

I love this picture! Such a sweet moment!

Me, Renee and the boys waiting for the fireworks to start!

Mama and Jack!

Watching the show with daddy... he was making the cutest noises!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday!

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