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Monday, April 12, 2010

Worn out

I am worn out, and I know it is only just the beginning...

I am tired of constantly having to pull Jack out of places he shouldn't be, away from things he shouldn't put in his mouth (and pulling little pieces of things out of his mouth that he manages to find even though I just vacuumed...)

I am tired of Jack's grumpiness... I know he is probably just teething and not feeling well, but lately it seems like he is fussy more than not. And I don't know what to do to make him happy.

He is starting to learn how to push his limits. He gets mad if I pick him up from somewhere he is not supposed to be to move him. Which in turn just makes him fussy and grumpy... I think he is starting to get frustrated with the fact that he can't move the way he wants to.

To top it off, he is still not sleeping well at night. he is up multiple times, which means I am up multiple times. And he won't go back to sleep unless I pick him up and lay down with him. (I know, I am terrible... and it drives me crazy, but at the same time I love it and know it won't last forever...) He will eventually go back to sleep if I let him cry, but then he will wake up Josh who has to work every day, and who gets grumpy when he misses sleep (love ya babe!) I know I just need to let him cry himself back to sleep at night, and he will probably start sleeping on his own after a week, but I am just putting it off... (though I did do it friday night...)

So yeah... I am drained. I feel like I am living in a constant state of exhaustion... I would absolutely love to have a full night of sleep and a relaxing day with a baby in a good mood...

I am going to try and post more personal posts... I have been slacking lately and just posting reviews, but it seems like there is just not too much happening in life right now worth blogging about. But I don't want to be list in the reviews and giveaways... I want there to be a balance! so here's where I am asking you for help. Is there anything you want to know about me? This is your chance to ask me a question! I will do my best to answer it(within reason, of course!) so, ask away!

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Patty said...

Sorry to hear you're having tough times, I'll pray for you :)

bekah said...

well girl, just letting you know i have 2 babies that DO sleep through the night, and i ALSO feel like i'm in a constant state of exhaustion! you're not missing anything ;)