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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wanna-be greenie? Maybe not...

Lately I've been making some small changes in out household that are "greener" in nature. But, I have to admit... I really don't care a whole lot for the whole go green, eat raw, recycle and use all natural products movement.
I mean yeah, I do care about the environment (to an extent) but I am not going out of my way or spending more money just to be more green.
The things I do choose to do, really, are more for my benefit than that of the earth's I guess you could say. But at the same time, It gives me some measure of satisfaction knowing that I may be making a tiny difference. For example:

1. Cloth diapering - I think this is the biggest one. I started looking into cloth diapers after I stopped working, and my stash of disposable diapers I had stocked up on before Jack was born was dwindling. Our money situation is extremely tight, and I just couldn't see where we were going to get the money for diapers. So, I decided I was going to use cloth! Now I am sold! I love how cute they are and how there are no chemicals in them like there are in disposable diapers. (I highly encourage you to follow that link and read that article... I recently stumbled on it and thought it was very interesting...) People think it is gross, and more work to use cloth, but once you get past the having to rinse the poo out in the toilet (really not bad, you can even get a diaper sprayer) It is really just one more load of laundry every few days. Not bad at all!

2. Recycling - as long as I remember, we have always recycled. I just recycle cans and bottles though. No paper and stuff, though if they offered it in our town, I would probably do that as well.

3. Using natural cleaning products - I have always been the one who uses whatever I can get the cheapest. But I recently got some products from Seventh Generation to review, and I have to say I love these products! They work great, don't have that chemical smell, and I know that with Jack crawling around, he isn't going to get into anything toxic (or even chew on something I have recently cleaned) I think that is worth a little extra money. (and there are always coupons!)

4. I really want to start using re-usable shopping bags, but I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of them. If our money wasn't so tight, then I might buy a few. I recently got one for free, and have a coupon for another one, so I will start small, and gradually get more!

5. I recently got a bread machine from my grandma, and just bought a massive bag of flour at Costco, so I am going to try and start making our own sandwich bread. not necessarily "green" but it is definitely frugal! Not to mention a little better for you. I currently have a loaf of pumpernickel bread in there.... I have never made it before, but wanted to try it! Did you know it has cocoa, molasses and coffee in it? me neither!

so yeah, those are the main things. Not much, but I do feel like I do a small part! What about you? Have you made any green changes lately? How do you feel about the whole "green" movement?

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Erica said...

I have a very similar attitude about being green. Green/Organic or not, just by being alive I have an impact on Earth, so I'm not going to go too far out of my way(or budget) to be earth-friendly. I make small efforts like using a reusable lunch box and tupperware instead of a brown paper sack and sandwich baggies.

I haven't tried the 7thGen products, but do like Mrs. Meyers a lot. However, 409 is my go-to cleaner after seeing a few studies where it killed way more germs and bad bacteria than any other cleaning product.

Glad to hear the cloth diapering is going well!

Carrie said...

I think you're doing great, Katrina, whether it's for you or for the enviornment, the results are still the same! I love Seventh Generation as well, except the dishwasher detergent. Not good at all! And I am so inspired by your using cloth diapers!!! You are really going to have to school me when our #2 gets here! I really want to use cloth!

Anonymous said...

In order to go green and save water I only wash my underwear every 2-3 wears. It is so frugal!




Stuff Parents Need said...

I'd love to hear about you favorite cloth diaper brands. I'm in a similar boat (disposable supply dwindling, money is tight...)

There's so much to choose from, and it sounds like a fair percentage of cloth diapers on the market aren't really all that great. What are your favs?

bekah said...

hey girl. i totally feel the same way about the "green movement". i don't agree withe the world's view on it. but as Christians, the Lord has given the earth to us and we are going to be accountable for our stewardship. so i do what i can as far as taking care of it.

i too, as you know, have started cloth diapering. we used to use only cloth napkins and rags for cleaning instead of paper products. it really helps the budget, and obviously is "green". lately i've been using paper again for the simplicity of it- and after a year, some of my napkins seemed to have disappeared lol. so i need to replenish the stock then we'll go back to it again. i want to start recycling, so we're going to see it the extra $8/ month will fit into the budget here soon. i'm glad what you said about 7th generation. i've talked to dustin about wanting to try their products out. especially with the girls all over the place, i like the idea of it not being harmful to them.
i really enjoyed this post!