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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter Weekend

This weekend, we went over to my parent's house in California. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was a nice relaxing weekend. (Except for the Could-have-been-a-lot-worse-car-accident.)

Saturday, Josh went to Wondercon, and I stayed at my parents. Everyone else slept in, so I spent the morning hanging out with Jack and watching tv. I spent the rest of my day hanging out with my dad and sister (my mom had to work) We took Jack to see the easter bunny, but got there 5 minutes too late. (don't worry, I went back the next day!)
Then we found a great deal on a full set of new tires on Craigslist, and my wonderful dad bought them for us. =)
Sunday morning, we woke up, got some stuff done, (we skipped church because honestly, we don't like big crowds, and since Easter is like the biggest church day of the year, we passed... I know, heathens, right? ;-))Then we took Jack over to meet the Easter Bunny.

The first one he looked like "who the heck is this?!?" Classic first easter bunny picture.

This one was much cuter! I took some good looking pictures, but then discovered there was no memory card in my camera! I was so sad!

After that we went back to my parent's house, and we had Easter dinner. We were going to drive home after dinner (late lunch) but another storm was hitting, so we decided to wait to leave until the next morning. We hung out, watched a movie, and relaxed the rest of the night. Here are a few pictures from the day:

The cake I made. =)

Jack chewing on a Turkey bone (It's how I cut my first tooth... didn't work for him!)

Family shot.

Monday morning, we got up, packed up and headed out at about 8:30. We got to Jackson, and stopped to have the new tires put on at the Walmart tire center. We were there for a little over 2 hours. We finally get back on the road, get about 10mi. up the road, and see a sign that says the road is closed. So we have to backtrack and take 49 up to placerville to get to hwy 50. We finally got home a little after 3.

(a picture driving back on 50)

I will leave you of a cute video of Jack with my dad. =)

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