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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Last night we were driving from our house in NV to my parents house in CA. The weather was pretty bad, and it was windy and snowing most of the way. We were taking hwy 88, which is a nice hwy, but a little windy. I was driving. We were about 10 miles away from the snow line (almost out of the snow) when I came around a curve and hit a patch of ice.

I slid in an s pattern across the highway, and we went off the road at about 45mph. we flew over about a 2ft drop, hitting drainage pipe and landed in a snow bank. It all happened so fast, and it was definitely scary! I was shaking, and started crying as soon as the car stopped moving. As soon as we made sure we were all ok, and collected our nerves, my husband got out of the car to check it out, and it looked like we could get out. So we put it in 4wd low, and rocked it. I managed to get it forward about 10-20ft. and about 8 ft away from the rd. We still had to get up a bank, but we were stuck good. the snow was up to the doors, and our tires were spinning. we pulled out our chains to put under the tires to try and get some traction, and Josh was kicking snow away from the tires. As he got around to the rear passenger tire he realized that the tire was ripped off of the rim. There was no way we could get out of this alone. It was a miracle we had gotten it as far ahead as we already had with only 3 tires.

Josh decided to try and flag someone down to tow us out. Thank God a guy stopped and he was willing to give it a try, but we had no tow straps. So he flagged down another truck. It was a guy with his family in the truck, and he had some that he gave to us, then left. They were able to hook up the straps, and we had just enough of a distance between our truck and the other truck. If we would have been any further back, the straps would have been too short.

After a good deal of trying, and me pushing the truck from behind (I like to think I made a difference!) We were able to get the truck up on the road. Josh was able to change out the tire for the spare (which is a full size, Thank God!) and we were able to get on our way.

So much went our way last night, that it is totally obvious that God had his hand on us. If I would have hit the snow at any other angle, we would have rolled... and probably multiple times. The fact that we were able to get the car within a distance of the road that we could tow it out. That someone was willing to stop and help us. That none of us (including Jack) were hurt at all. That there was no other damage to the truck other than the tire (I am shocked that there was no front end damage with how hard we hit, and the angle we hit.) Even though we were shaken, we were able to think clearly to work through the situation.

Needless to say we were listening to some good worship music the rest of the way home!
"But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you." Psalm 5:11

I will post a picture when we get home tomorrow... I have no way of getting it on my computer right now... *eta - My camera had no memory card in it... oops.

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Robin and Stephen said...

Glad you all made it out safely! That is such a scary feeling!