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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Hello 2010!

This past year has been a great year! We've had our struggles, and some hard times, but overall it has been one of the best of my life! Here is 2009 in summary:

Josh and I decided not to find out the sex of our soon to be born baby.
I was battling morning sickness
We heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time!
My "little" sister came to visit and we went shopping for baby clothes, and went to virginia city.


I felt flutters for the first time in my pregnancy.
We went to Redding for our good friends, Clay and Dea's wedding.
I reached the 16 week mark in my pregnancy!
We celebrated our 2nd valentines day as a married couple.


I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy, and had my 20 week ultrasound.
I passed my PCTB test to become a nationally certified pharmacy tech.
I turned 26, and we celebrated at my parent's house in California


Had a false alarm with the baby and spend 2 hours in L&D.
Went to my friend Holly's wedding in Manteca.
Took my first belly shot at 6 1/2 months
I got my hair cut.
I spent several days preparing for a yard sale.

I had my yard sale and was able to sell lots of stuff.
I reached my third trimester!
Josh felt the baby kick for the first time.


My amazing mom graduated with her BSN with honors, so we went to Ca for that.

I had my first baby shower in CA.
I hit the "uncomfortable stage in my pregnancy.
we went to a Reno Aces game for the first time.


Finished setting up the baby stuff
we celebrated 4th of July with Adam and Renee, and watched the fireworks.
Went into false labor and had contractions regularly for 26 hours.
Was induced.
July 21st we welcomed Jack David Welch into the world!

Had a really rough first week home.
Jack was jaundiced and had to be on a biliblanket for a week.


Enjoyed being at home with my little guy.
Jack had his first professional photo shoot.
We found out that Jack was losing weight, so we had to start supplementing with formula.
Jack turned one month old.
He started gaining weight and got back on track!

We had lots of visitors the first week. My mom, grandma, sister and friends Seth and Heather all came out (not all at the same time)
Jack decided he liked bath time!
We went to the Reno Balloon Races. =)
Jack Starts smiling and talking all the time!
Jack turned 2 months old
We gave our dog away, which was really hard, but she went to a great family.
We started the process to buy a house, and put an offer on one.
Our offer was accepted

Our financing fell through, so we didn't get the house.
We took our first family pictures.
I went back to work, and hated it.
Jack started daycare.
Jack started putting everything in his mouth!
Jack started sleeping almost 9 hours at night.
We went to Apple Hill.
He turned 3 months old!
We dressed him as a dinosaur for Halloween.

Jack got his first cold.
We went to visit some friends in Redding.
Jack turned 4 months old!
He also had his first taste of rice cereal.
We all caught swine flu and survived.
I quit my job because it was a terrible place to work.
We went to my parent's house in California to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We did some real family pictures.


We had 2 feet of snow in one weekend!
We built a snowman!
We attempted the Cry it out Method but decided Jack wasn't ready.

Jack met Santa for the first time.
Jack Turned 5 months old!
We went to Manteca to celebrate an early Christmas with my family.
We spent Christmas morning with some friends, and the rest of the day relaxing.

Jack didn't know what was going on, but it was a fun first Christmas for us!
My parents came to visit for a few days.
We decided to move into a new, bigger and less expensive place.
I decided to look into getting my Child care license to do in home daycare.

I can't wait to see what 2010 will hold! Hope you all have a great New Year! =)


Sarah said...

Happy New Year!! Great Pics and Jack is SOOOO CUTE!!!

Holly Marie said...

happy new year!!! i loved your post and all the pictures!