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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tonight we are saying goodbye to our dog, Stella.

It was not a very easy decision to get rid of her, but she has made it easier lately. She has had so much energy, and is constantly demanding attention.

I don't even want to know how hard it would be when Jack starts crawling. And with my lunches getting cut at work, I wouldn't be able to come home during the day to let her out anymore.

So, she is going to a new home... a family with another dog who live on a ranch. I think she will love having lots of room to run!

It is bittersweet letting her go. She is a great dog, and we love her to death. She is loyal, and loving and just a sweetheart. But on the other hand, she has a ton of energy, sheds like you wouldn't believe, has separation anxiety, and constantly wants attention. So we feel this is the right thing to do.

But I am hoping the new family will keep us updated, send us the occasional picture, and maybe even let us stop by if we ever drive up north.

So goodbye, dear friend..... you will be missed...

I closed comments, because I had a rude comment, which was leading into a petty argument.. We Knew Stella was a handful before we got pregnant. She became even more demanding after the baby was born, and it was just too much. We were planning to keep her, but she deserved more than we could give her. We went to great lengths to make sure she was adopted into a "Husky" home. If we didn't care about her, we would have just sold her. she was purebred, papered and unaltered. we could have gotten a good amount of money from her, but chose instead to give her a good home through a rescue, for no compensation.