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Monday, August 17, 2009


Has anyone else seen the commercial for Cabot Cheese featuring Julie Foudy?

I think it is the most ridiculous commercial ever! It shows Julie Foudy eating Cabot Cheese, and she says something about gold medals and how she has won as many as Cabot Cheese, then goes, ok, maybe half, or two or three to their twenty plus... and says something good about Cabot Cheese, then it ends saying "Cabot, Vermont; Home to many many girls who Love soccer, and Julie Foudy."

What the heck? Every time we see it, Josh and I look at each other and laugh. It is so ridiculous! I tried to find a video of it to put on here, but couldn't find it anywhere.. (but it was on facebook, so I posted it on there. You can search facebook for Julie Foudy Cabot Cheese, and you should find it)