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Monday, July 27, 2009

Jack's Dr. appt.

Well, we went to the dr. today, Jack weighs 6lb 12oz, so he lost quite a bit of weight. (he was 7lb 9oz) The doctor agreed that he still looked yellow, and his test from friday was high, so he ordered another test.
I just got the call back that his bilirubin levels are at a 19, which is pretty high. (if they had been at 20, we would be taking him to the hospital for a couple days. So, now they are sending over a med supply company with a biliblanket.
He will have to stay in this blanket most of the time, except for when we feed and change him. This will definitely be a challenge with him being as fussy as he is at times.
If the blanket doesn't help, then we are looking at some time in the hospital... so prayerfully this works, and fast! I have to take him in for a daily blood test now, which is so hard... his poor feet already look like little pincushions...


Sweetbabs said...

I hope the biliblanket helps! Good vibes are being sent your way.

Also I just remembered that the popping off the breast as your little one is doing is also a sign that you may have a fast let down try pumping for a couple of minutes till you milk flow slows down. Also go pick up the book "The Nursing Mothers Companion" It saved my life! Good luck.

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Ayden used the biliblanket too! Poor little man :(

Lizze said...

Emmett John had levels like that and needed the blanket. He also had the fussiness. The blanket helped the fussiness too, to a certain extent, because it helped him to feel better by allowing him to be able to feed better. I know what you're saying about his feet though. I felt the same way. If it helps, Emmett John doesn't have any scars from his zillion and one sticks. *big hugs*