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Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Labor...

Well, last night I started having contractions at about 8pm, and they continued all night at between 6-8 minutes apart.
This morning my mom and sister decided to drive up just in case, and they got here around 2 or 3. It's been nice having them here.
Today they kept going for most of the day, slowing at a couple points, but most of the time staying between 4-8 minutes apart... They haven't been really bad, just like bad period cramps.
After being at 4-5 minutes apart for about an hour, we decided to go to the hospital. (at about 7pm) We get there and they hook me up, and check me, and I am still only 1cm dialated! I was so bummed. haha. So they sent me home, and we went to Walmart to walk around... now we are at home, probably going to go to bed soon.
Hopefully things will start to progress... I am really ready to have this baby!


Pharmacist Erin said...

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

good luck honey