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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uncomfortable (34 weeks)

I think I have finally hit the point in this pregnancy where I am uncomfortable more often than not.
I have heartburn (yes, I have been lucky enough to not have it before now.)
I feel like the baby is pushing on everything, and when it kicks it hurts. (and it kicks a lot!)
I have to pee all the time
I can't sleep very well at night, and rolling over in bed is very difficult (I rolled over early this morning and had such a sharp pain in my round ligament that it totally woke me up, and I couldn't move for a few minutes)
I am ready to have this baby... I am praying that this one comes early (I am sure everyone does!) but I am at 34 weeks now, so 3 more weeks and I am considered full term.
I had a dr.'s appointment today, and everything looks good, except she is worried about my size again. My measurements jumped since last time, so she ordered another ultrasound for Monday morning to make sure everything is ok. My ultrasound a month ago (for the same reason) showed everything was normal at that point, and the baby was in the 50th percentile for size. Hopefully this one will show the same thing! I think its just that the baby is all in front. =)
well, I am ending this post now, cause I am getting head butted in my bladder and have to pee! ;-)


Kitty Cat said...

I am now 21 weeks - I can't believe it! - but am not looking forward to being uncomfortable near the end. Hold fast, your baby will come soon now!

Karrie said...

You wrote 24 weeks in your post. Gotta love pregnancy brain. I had heartburn bad too at the end, it sucked...