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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

take a guess!

Ok, so I have had this on my sidebar for a while, but haven't had too many guesses as of yet.
Since we are getting closer, I wanted to put it out there for you all to enter. And, there will be a prize for whoever is closest in the most categories!
This contest will close when the baby is born! (obviously!) And the winner will be sent a small gift. (within a couple weeks of the birth)
So, have fun guessing, and good luck!


Holly Marie said...

yay! i just did mine... and like you i went with a smaller baby, because i remember you telling me how small you were when you were born. autumn's guess made me lol... 13lbs? ouch

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

yikes! Someone guessed 13lbs...I really hope not! OUCH!!!