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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am so sick of it!

So lately at work things have gotten worse again. They were bad after I started working there, then got better for a while, but lately have started down the sinker again.
I am so sick of people who are nice to your face and talk crap about you behind your back, blame you for everything that goes wrong, and complain about how you do everything. Seriously? I didn't realize I was back in jr. high.
Apparently lately some of the girls have been saying that I only like to work at one station, and if they let me I would stay there all day... which yeah, I do like that station, but I go where I am needed. If there is something to be done at one place, I go get it done. I don't care where I am working... But they seem to have it in their heads that I try and only work there all the time and I will take over their spot if they move... Totally not true, but whatever.
Well, today, one of the girls (the newer girl, who I thought was really nice, but is starting to show her true colors) was working at one end, and I went to help a customer in drive through. I finished with the customer and was walking towards the other end of the pharmacy. The person took a few minutes to drive away, and I guess the girl thought I hadn't helped them, cause I over heard her make a snide comment to one of the other girls saying "Well, I guess I'll go do her job."
Like I hadn't just helped them, and seriously? Am I the only one there whose job it is to help customers? It is such BS! I am so sick of being treated like the Peon.
Part of me wishes my Doctor would put me on bedrest so I would have an excuse to not work. haha.
It is just getting ridiculous. One of the girls is trying to get fired "so she can collect unemployment." She seriously said that! And she has been acting like the biggest bitch (scuse my language) Trying to get fired. Guess she doesn't realize that when you get fired for poor performance, or something along those lines, you can't collect unemployment! duh! But it seriously sucks working with her.
Anyways, I am done ranting... though I could go on for a long time... Pray for my sanity! Only 3 1/2 more months until I can leave! Then I have at least 3 months off, and I plan on looking into transferring to a different store, just so I don't have to put up with this crap anymore. It is not fun when you dread going to work every day.
Hope everyone else is having a good week!


heidi @ ggip said...

Yeah. Work politics are silly--no matter where you work. It is hard, but you've got to try to stay out of it and keep your chin up.

Becki said...

I had the most horrible work situation before Bug was born so I can totally feel your pain/frustration with this. Don't blame ya for looking for something new during your time off.

Heidi is right, just try your best to stay out of it in the meantime.


Holly Marie said...

oh no! i know just how that feels... if i can offer some unsolicited advice, the best thing you could do is actually say something to them! [gasp] lol i know what you are thinking because i used to be the same way, but now that i don't let things like that slide and it does wonders! when i heard her say that, i would have, in my sweetest, most syrupy tone, said "i got them already, but thanks for getting my back" and add a little smug smile at the end, just for good measure.