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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wifey Wednesdays Blog Tour!

I know I haven't participated much, but today is wifey wednesday, put on by Sheila over at To Love Honor and Vaccuum!

I know that I often have a problem feeling "intimate" or "in the mood"... as I am sure most women do. (Especially now that I am pregnant!)
This is the main topic that Sheila addresses in her book, Honey I Don't Have a Headache Tonight.

Here is the synopsis from her website:
"He says, "you’re never in the mood." She says, "There’s no romance; what do you expect?" It’s a conflict as old as time. We’re told "opposites attract" and we’ve seen it in action, but given time and circumstance, what once lured you in, can quickly lure you out.

When it comes to marriage and the issue of sex, there are two opinions and mind-sets and all too often neither give much ground. It’s an emotionally challenging, physically driven dilemma that brings with it frustration, hurt feelings, anger, and even disrespect.

Women wonder why men were created with the switch always turned on, and men wonder why women were created with so many different switches and no instruction manual.

Romance. Intimacy. Sex. They are not the same thing, although they definitely go together and complete the "big picture." Men equate sex as their currency to feeling loved, while women need the emotional aspect to feel loved – two very different needs and therein lays the problem.

Filled with humor and practical advice, Sheila tackles these issues:

o How change in the sexual relationship requires change elsewhere.
o Why sex for women is often a "head thing."
o How television is the biggest enemy to intimacy.
o Why forgiveness and letting go of the need to be right is so important.
o How self-image issues and past hurts can throw intimacy into a tailspin.
o The repercussions of everyday energy zappers.
o The threats to Godly sexuality.
o The roadblocks of respect.
The cultural attacks on gender. "

Check out her website if you get a chance!

This post is part of her blog tour! Your secret word is Women!
your next stop is:

Here are the instructions:

Go to the five blogs on this particular tour, and collect all five words. Then go here:

and enter the message and your email. One winner will be drawn and announced on my blog,, at 10:00 p.m.

You'll win a free audio download of her 45 minute talk on the subject, aptly titled Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight! It's hilarious, real, and they leave nothing out! And She'll also mail the winner a copy of my book Reality Check, a collection of 85 of her favorite syndicated columns!


JulieMc said...

Hello! I read your blog daily, but, have never commented. I also read Grits. I was just wondering where you got the cool "we love you Grits" button?? I want one, too!

Although, I am a cat person, I absoultly LOVE your white dog with those beautiful blue eyes!!

Katrina said...

You can just right click it and save it to your computer, then upload it into your profile. =)