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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today was a pretty good day. I had to wake up early, which stunk, but I went to the Doctor with Josh for a checkup, then headed over to the hospital lab to get my blood test. Everything looks good, my levels are at 32,000 now, which is right on schedule. I Have my first appointment on the 16th. And I will get an ultrasound! =)
Then I came home and cleaned, because our house was a mess. I had worked 5 days in a row then we left to my parents house for a long holiday weekend, so when we got back it was a huge mess. Then I put the turkey in the oven. It came out good! My first turkey I have ever made! and the gravy was great too! (My mom always makes a milk gravy, not a broth gravy, and I love it!)
I have been pretty nauseous all day. Eating hasn't helped like it normally does. Which stinks. I hope that it doesnt get any worse than this...
But anyways, now we are watching Family matters... I loved this show as a kid! =) And I am thinking about a cup of hot chocolate... hehe.


Nanee Plainy said...

Thank you so much for coming over with chocolate and a hug for me tonight! I REALLY REALLY needed it!

After you left, my mom called and told me that my grandma had been in a car accident this morning and broke her back. She's in a rehabilitation hospital in Sacramento, so I'll probably be going out of town this weekend. I don't think I would have handled it as well as I did when my mom called if you hadn't have come over earlier.

Thanks again! I feel truly blessed to have such a good friend!

Lindsey said...

So glad the appt went well today!

RockinMom said...

Wanted to say Congratulations on the baby news. :) Looking forward to all the updates.

Mrs.B said...

Glad everything looked good. Tip for morning sickness (as I am sure is on it's way)--eat some crackers about 30 minutes before you get out of bed. If you get up to soon, it will just make you feel yucky :)