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Monday, December 22, 2008

2 more days!

2 more days of work, then we are off to my parents house for a much needed long weekend! =)
Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I have just been working every day, and exhausted by the time I get home. Luckily my morning sickness has eased up a bit. It is definitely still there, but it is just a little nausea constantly instead of a lot of nausea all the time. =) Hopefully it continues to ebb away until it is gone soon!

Work has been going good lately. No issues. Which is nice. Maybe it's just the christmas spirit, I don't know, But I hope it continues!

Josh and I exchanged out christmas presents last night since we are leaving christmas eve to my parents house... He got me an Ipod Nano! The Green one I wanted! I love it! I spend last night and this morning putting music on it. =) I totally knew what it was, but it was still exciting! Hehe.

I am officially 9 weeks pregnant! yay! Baby Welch is the size of a quarter this week! My next doctor's appointment is the 13th, where I will probably get to hear the heartbeat! yay!

I got some fun presents at work today! I got a pair of earrings, a $25 gift card to Chilis from my secret santa, a $25 gift card to babies r us, a burts bees gift set, and a little lotion/body spray/shower gel set. Josh and I are going to go out to dinner at Chili's tomorrow night. =) I love that place!

Well, I am going to go dry my hair and then go to bed. The pregnancy exhaustion has definitely set in with me! I sleep all night then just want to sleep all day too! Haha. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!! (or whatever Holiday you celebrate!)

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Lindsey said...

Wow your work gave you great gifts! And so did Josh, well done!