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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So much for NaBoPoMo

Well, I haven't been much of a blogger these past few days...

Josh's dad got here Thursday night, and friday we slept in a bit, then haded over the mountain to my parents house. We hung out with them friday night, then saturday we hung out, went to the bass pro shop that just opened in Manteca, then went out to eat with the whole family for my sister's birthday at Olive Garden. That was a lot of fun. Then we went and saw my brother and sister in law's new house, then came home and watched Baby Mama, which I thought was great! =) Then today we went to church, and heard a great sermon, and then had lunch with our good friends Seth and Heather. Always good company. =) Then we headed home!
Now we are hanging out watching a movie, and relaxing. I have to work tomorrow, but Josh and his dad are going to Virginia city, and just hanging out. Then he is flying home tuesday.
We have had a great visit, and it was great to see my family. Can't wait to go ack for thanksgiving! Thank God gas prices have gone down so much! We got gas for 2.19 in California! Crazy! It was cheaper there than it is here. =)
Well, back to the movie. Have a great monday!

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