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Saturday, October 4, 2008

a what?

so as I was sitting (or laying, rather) on the couch this evening after getting back from out massages, I was rubbing my eye, and noticed this weird lump on my eyelid. Two days last week I woke up with a swollen eyelid, and thought it was weird, but it went away after those two times. now I have this lump. It isn't near my lash line, it is further up on the eyelid. and it doesn't hurt. Hopefully it stays that way.
So after searching WebMD, I think it might be a Chalazia. What is that you say? A chalazion ("kuh-LAY-zee-on") is a lump in the eyelid. Chalazia (plural) may look like styes, but they are usually larger and may not be painful.
Weird. Hopefully it doesnt get as big as the picture shows, but until it goes away, no eyeshadow for me. yikes! =)

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