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Sunday, September 21, 2008

light the night!

last night we were in California for the Leukemia and lymphoma society's light the night walk. It was neat to see a bunch of people there to support the cause, and to see the people walking with white "survivor" balloons, (including my mom!)
The event last night raised over $40,000!
One thing I think I am going to sign up for now is the Team in Training. It is a team you are a part of that trains you to run/walk a marathon or half marathon, (which is what I would do... it is 13.1 miles.) I think it would be really good for me to help motivate me more to lose weight and get in shape. =) The marathon I would aim for would be next June in Seattle. You have to raise enough money to cover your expenses plus like 3 times that for the charity. (so like if my expenses were $500, I would have to raise $2000)
So yeah, I am waiting to get some information back from someone, I know there are meetings in Reno, so that is where I would go. I think it will be fun!


Nanee Plainy said...

Hey! Would you maybe like company while doing this? I think it's a great idea and it would be a lot of fun to do it together!

Since we'll be living closer, maybe we could get together for walks with dogs, or just on our own!

Let me know!

**Melissa** said...

Wow, that's crazy! $2000! I can barely make people donate $500. It's going to be a challenge and you will do great! It's really admirable from you. Good luck :-)