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Friday, September 26, 2008

google reader

Ok, I am a bit behind, I know, But I just discovered google reader in all it's awesomeness! =) I admit, it is a heck of a lot easier, since it automatically imports the blogs I follow. So amazing!

I am sitting here with an ice pack on my lower back after a desperately needed visit to the chiropractor this morning. last night my hip and lower back were hurting so bad I had to take a vicodin to go to sleep. (and I hate taking that stuff!) I have worked since monday and dont have a day off until monday, and the 9 hours days on my feet are killing me. Thank God I have 3 days off next week. At least my paycheck will be nice. =)

Josh will be gone tonight, he is going up to help my parents on their property. They are building a garage, and instead of getting up in the morning, he is going to go up tonight... So I have a night to myself to watch all my recorded girly shows that he doesnt like watching.

Anybody else watch the office last night? Yay Jim! I used to not like that show. Josh was obsessed with it. Then he started making me watch it with him, and now I like it a lot. (shhh.... don't tell him he was right ;-) hehe.

Ok, enough with the random post, I have to go get ready for work... OH! almost forgot! I weighed in at weight watchers this morning and lost 2 pounds! Yay me! I thought I wouldnt lost any after last weeks .4lb gain. ;-)

So yeah... Until next time!


ChristyLove said...

Yeah we just got into it and it's all your husband's fault, lol. It's all over our Netflix list. Jesus. I hope you feel better!!

Lizze said...

Love 'The Office'! (I got into it much the same way you did. lol Michael Scott drove me CRAZY at first!) Sorry about your back. *hugs* Thank you for my surprise! The chocolate was delishious. Elliott Richard loved the tissue paper. I can't wait to read the book. And I love, love, LOVE those burp cloths! (Did you make them?) They are totally my favorites now! Oh and in keeping with the randomness of this comment, I just wanted you to know that I just posted my 'Pay It Forward Giveaway'. Thanks again! :) *smooches*

**Melissa** said...

Love Google Reader!! Saves me tons of time :-)