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Sunday, August 17, 2008

let's get fit! (random updates)

1. Josh bought a Wii Fit today... I looked for 2 months before I gave up nad said forget it, we will use christmas money, and by then the crazy will be over... Him and Sarah were in Target today and they had 2. He bought one and Sarah bought the other. =) Yay! Time to get fit!

2. I am still sick. It is moving into my chest. I swear I had this exact same cold several months ago. Why did I have to get it again? Hopefully it is gone by the end of the week.

3. Is it seriously only Sunday? I have worked all weekend and it feels like it is the middle of the week still.

4. My nanny is doing great. She is up and about and going like nothing happened. The cancer is all through her body, and what they removed was mostly cosmetic because it was starting to come through her skin. She will be starting chemo soon to try and get rid of as much as they can. Hopefully it will work.

5. We are going to be on a plane to Washington DC in 5 1/ days! We are going to be in williamsburg/DC for a week. I can't wait! I definitely need a vacation!


AC said...

Hi! I know this is random, but I saw your recipe for blueberry yogurt wheat scones on The Pioneer Woman, and they looked amazing--I definitely can't wait to try them! Then I clicked on your name, which linked to your blog, and well, anyway. I enjoyed reading your blog (the Bible in a minute video is priceless). Hope you have loads of fun in Williamsburg. My hubby and I just got back from there in July and it was fantastic!

Sandra said...

Sorry you're sick, I have come down with a cold too and it's frustrating.

Let me know how you like the Wii fit, I almost picked it up the other day but didn't know if I would enjoy it.

Veggie Mom said...

Hope you feel better soon! Don't want to be a sickie for the vay-cay extravaganza!