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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Lovin' it!

So, I totally love the wii fit. I am an expert hula-hooper. ;-)

Too bad I have counter productively eaten about 10 snickerdoodle cookies.

*sigh* why does yummy junk food have to be so bad for you?


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Is the WII FIT the one where you can track calories burned, weight, etc?

AND play games? Sign me up!

And I agree, WHY does the worst food for you taste SO good!?

Anonymous said...

when you find out, let me know :)

Ashley said...

I am super jealous of your Wii Fit! I want one so bad! :)

I think using the Wii Fit cancels out all cookie eating. ;)

ChristyLove said...

Thank you! Oh yeah an what that Ashley girl said is totally true. You totally canceled it out! =P