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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whew! What a weekend...

So this whole past week has been pretty crazy. =) I started my new job while still working at the other one. Only a bit stressful.
Thursday was Josh's birthday, so we drove up to Reno to go to Outback Steakhouse (his birthday tradition.) After dinner we were both so tired that we just came home and crashed.
Friday morning, I got off work at 11, and my friend Sarah got here about 11:30. we went and met Josh for lunch, then we went to get pedicures! It was nice. I haven't had one in a long time, and it felt good. =) Then we did a little shopping and came home. That evening, we hung out, I baked a cake for Josh's birthday, and made lasagna. Then Josh's friends Tom and Clay got here that night.
Saturday, the guys all went to Ed's house to have a guy movie day, and Renee, Sarah and I went to virginia City for a while, then came back to our house to watch movies and have mojitos. =) Then everyone cam back here, and we had cake and watched part of Zoolander.
Today we woke up, laid around for a while, then all went to In-n-out for lunch. Then Sarah left for home, and Josh and the guys headed up to Tahoe to play disc golf. And I came home. and now I am writing this blog.
I have dishes to do and laundry.... having 3 extra people in the house isn't always conducive to cleanliness (well, at least all the dishes!)
But I wanted to update first... hope everyone has a great week! Another long one for me... 2 jobs, then a camping trip that I still have to get stuff organized for. Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing? sure, right....

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**Melissa** said...

Very productive weekend! I got lazy and didn't blog this weekend (well just a little pic of the flower delivery I got on Friday at work)
You have to give us an update on the new job!