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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two jobs = no life + exaustion

Well, I have been meaning to update on the new job and stuff, so here goes!

I have decided that working two jobs sucks. And I am a pushover.

The pharmacy job is going great. I am learning more and more every day, even though my schedule has been a bit sporadic due to the other job and the weekend off. But I am liking it, the shifts go by pretty fast, and I am learning a lot. Now hopefully the state can get my license processed fast so I can start doing tech stuff.

The job at the airport is really starting to frustrate me. I wish I wouldn't have promised to help P out... instead of a 2 week notice and quitting, I have 3 weeks of trying to work 2 jobs so she can train the new girl. (Who should be able to hand things by herself after 2 weeks...I was!) Then when P goes on vacation, the new girl should be fine. Well, she doesn't think so... so I have to help her out... 3 weeks after I gave notice.
It's not a huge deal, I could sure use the extra money before we go on vacation in August, but she expects me to help out and work here, and the pharmacy I am sure is tired of having to work around my schedule, and I am just too nice to say "I can only help out for another week." The of course she breaks out the "you promised you'd help me out..." (doesn't mention that I actually said I wouldn't leave you hanging if you didn't have at least 2 weeks to train the new girl... which she has..." oh well.

It really isn't a ton of hours, I am probably barely making 40 hours a week, if that... it is more the rushing home from one job to go to the other, and not having time to get everything else in life done. I am just exausted! I don't know how people can work more than one job and still lead a normal life.

Anyways, I guess that was my rant for the day. =) We are going camping this weekend, and I am so ready for the three day weekend, relaxing in front of a campfire roasting s'mores and laying on a raft on the lake. =)


Nanee Plainy said...

Maybe you could tell the airport that your new job absolutely REQUIRES that you start working during the times you would be working at the airport?

I know you are trying to help, but at what cost to your sanity? P will just have to deal with the fact that she has someone new to train and you can't always help her out. Maybe flatter her a little bit by saying something like you're more than sure she will be able to train the new girl thoroughly enough before vacation because you were able to pick up from her excellent instruction right away!

Goodies for Mom said...

Thanks for posting a button about the Blogging for Blood Cancer event!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Katrina- I will be mailing your package today.:-) It should be there soon. I hope you like everything!:-) Lori

ChristyLove said...

Haha K&J are friends in Idaho, I've just called her K since high school because there were five variations of "Chris" in our group of friends and she was the only one starting with a K. But I did think about the possible mix up when I got home last night, haha.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I sure hope you enjoy the weekend, it sounds like you can definetly use it.