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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pretty Good Weekend

Well, we had a nice long, busy weekend. We got to my parents house Thursday night. Then me, my mom and sister went to Walmart, because I needed to exchange some capri's I got. Then we just hung out and watched Juno.
Friday our friends Tom and Candy came down for the day, and we all hung out in the pool and bbq'd with some of my parents friends too. Then we went to watch the fireworks at a park in town. Not the greatest view, but at least we could see them and it wasn't way crowded.
Saturday we hung out, Josh shaved his head, we swam some, he helped my dad in the backyard, and we went shopping a little.
Today we had a bunch of family come, my aunt and uncle, their 3 daughters and one of their boyfriends, my other aunt and her boyfriend and her daughter and husband and their 1 year old girl. Another day spend in the pool and eating yummy bbq.
Overall it was a good weekend, but long and tiring. It was nice to be able to swim and hang out outside without being too hot (it was hot, but we had the pool to cool off in!)
How was everyone else's weekends?

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