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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diet Time!

Ok, so I have been needing to go on a diet for a while now. Seriously. I have gained about 30 pounds since the wedding last year. This had a little bit to do with the fact that I was working at Starbucks, and then got a job sitting at a desk all day that was so boring I would snack. Not good.
Well, now that I got a new job where I am busy all the time and eat on a regular schedule and don't have much time to snack, I decided to start trying to eat healthier. Josh even mentioned it a couple days ago... We both want to lose some weight.
Well, when I logged into my email account this morning, I had an email from Beth at Womans World magazine... Inviting me to test out a diet program for them! Yay! I signed up via email sometime last year... So anyways, they are paying me $25 a day for 7 days to follow this diet plan. It is a pretty simple menu to follow, and I have to "walk briskly" for at least a half an hour a day. I am not usually the best to follow diets, but the motivation of money is a big thing for me! I can do this for a week! and who knows, maybe it will stick for longer.
So yeah, I will update you all on my progress in the next week, and we will see how it goes!

On another note, I ordered a pair of Nurse Mates Shoes for work. I went through Did you know if you order through them, and register on their site, you get 10% off, and if you CLICK HERE, you will get a $10 off coupon. =) (and if 5 people click that link and buy shoes, I get a gift certificate! fun!) Just thought I would share the savings!


Leah said...

Good luck with the diet!
Yeah, I brought home a box of the No Sugar Added Banana Nut Cake one day that we hadn't sold. As I was eating it, thinking "Wow, this is great with butter", I noticed that *one* slice had almost 500 calories!! And hardly any nutritional value! Crazy!
Lately I've been putting a banana in my purse every day. It usually gets me through my shift until I get home to have some "real" food. :)

And thanks for the suggestion of crocheting! My friend Lindsay tried to teach me once how to knit - I made a very successful... something. :-P Maybe I'll check it out again - it's not expensive at all!

Katy said...

Good luck with that diet!!!
If it doesn't work...I have been on Weight Watchers since May 1st of this year and have lost 28lbs so far!!! :) So...if you need a great option..WW is awesome! :)