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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Dog.... 'shakes head' Part 2

so today, Josh and I went home for lunch together because I am working a full day today.
We get home, and let the dog out of her kennel and Josh opens the door to let her outside. Apparently the guys who mow our grass once again didn't latch the gate. Stella saw that it was open, and went straight for it. Josh saw what she was doing, and went after her, but was a second too late.
She gets out the gate and is running down the street, Josh chasing after her. I get to the driveway, realize she is going and not stopping, so I run into the house, grab my car keys, jump into the truck and take off after them.
By the time I caught up, she was several blocks down the road running down the middle of a busy street.
Josh is on the back of a motorcycle. Some random guy saw her run around the corner, flipped a u-turn and told josh to get on... talk about a nice guy! So he is chasing after her on the back of a motorcycle, and I am following behind in the truck, and Stella is running down the Middle of a busy street, cars are driving slowly behind her. (thank God nobody decided to go whizzing by, and all of a sudden she veers off across to the other side of the road. (again, thank God no one was driving the other direction!) she runs into a church yard, and promptly squats to go poo. Luckily, that gave us time to catch up to her. I threw the car in park, and jumped out, walking towards her, and Josh comes from the other direction.
She sees us and starts trotting in the only other direction she can go away from us, of course. Luckily there was an older gentleman walking up the walkway towards the church, and we ask if he can grab her, and she is friendly. Of course, being a friendly dog, she stops to get a pat on the head, and the guy is able to hang onto her until Josh gets there, and she almost slips away again, but josh dives and catches her leg. (don't worry, he didn't hurt her.)
So we carried her back to the car, took her home, and then went to Taco Bell for lunch, cause we were both frustrated and tired and didn't feel like making lunch at home after that.
Stinkin Dog....

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to say hi.
OMG, that must be a very scary experience for you. Good thing no one got hurt.
BTW, Stella is beautiful.