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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flying By...

So this week is flying by. It is probably because I am working 40 hours, and have almost no time at home. I mean, when I am at home, it's doing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, etc.
So it's Thursday. I started my Pharmacy Tech program on Monday, and I am already done with 5 lessons out of 27. It is slowly getting more and more difficult, and I have a huge respect for my mom and her nursing classes, especially Pharmacology... because learning the names of a bunch of different drugs is freakin hard! Especially when you can't pronounce them! haha. But so far, it is going good. On 5 exams, I have an average of 96%.
Oh yeah, today is :

Hosted by:Sandra!

I didn't really remember it, but I have a pork roast in the crock pot as I write this! Yumm... pulled pork! Remember this post?
So yeah... Thank goodness it is thursday... and tommorrow is friday, then it's the weekend! I am so ready for the weekend!
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stephanie said...

I feel like I never stop moving. I work all day, go home and do crap around the house, walk the dog, make my lunch and make my dinner and set my coffee... and then maybe...maybe I get to read at night.

Nanee Plainy said...

This is how every week feels for me! In a way, it's good because the week is over fast. However, the bad parts are...I'm getting older faster....the weekends go even faster than the weeks!

It was nice seeing you at the dog park last night! We'll definitely have to get together next week once Adam is done with Spring Semester!