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Friday, April 11, 2008

Work day

Well, last night, Adam and Renee came over for dinner. I attempted crock pot fajitas. They were pretty good. I just took a pot roast, put it in the crock pot with a packet of fajita seasoning and a little extra water, peppers and onions. It came out pretty good. they tasted a bit like pot roast in tortillas, haha, but it was a decent meal.
Then we watched Moving McAllister. Wouldn't really recommend it... it wasn't the best movie. =)
Today, I got up, watched some tv, worked on our family tree. (breakthrough!!! I found and ordered the death certificate of Josh's great great grandfather, Thomas Welch... we were completely stuck on him, didn't know where he was born, his parents, etc. His family was Catholic, and he married a methodist girl and they were disowned from both their families. Anyways, the death certificate, if filled out like it should be, should have his place of birth and his parents names. So, keep your finger's crossed!)
Then I finished Brian and Victoria's wedding invitations, took a shower and now Here I sit. Josh is taking his drivers test today to get his Nevada License (yeah, you have to take a test here if you are under 25, even if you already have a different state license. dumb!) So I am going to go with him just in case he doesn't pass. He should though, he looked over the handbook. When I went, I didn't know I had to take a test, so I didn't study at all, and I barely passed.
Then, we are heading up to my parents property, to help them more with the garage they are building. We will be up there till tomorrow night. I am not forgetting my camera this time! haha.
Anyways, until Sunday! Have a great weekend!


RockinMom said...

I found your blog through Raelyns blog. :)
I have been wanting to start on a family tree for my family but have been so overwhelmed with the *getting started* part. I am curious, did you buy a program to get started?
I have added your blogroll. :)

RockinMom said...

Ooops sorry about all the typos. Long day.

Anonymous said...

Those fajitas sound yummy!