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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anticipating the weekend...

well, it starts in approximately.... 18 minutes. haha. I am still at work, bored as heck, the phone has rang 4 times in the 4+ hours I have been here. I read the whole story of Baby Leino, and I am couting the minutes till I get to go home!

Tonight we are going to a short dinner at Adam and Renee's house. (mmmm....meatball sandwiches!) Then going up to Reno to pick up a trailer that we are getting paid to drive to Phoenix. =)

Tommorrow morning, bright and early, we are leaving for Phoenix. (I am hoping to leave before 5... we shall see) We will drop the trailer off at the guys house, then head off to Matt and Katie's house, and then to Dinner with Matt and Katie and Josiah and Lauren. =) I am excited to see them, especially since I haven't seen Josiah and Lauren since their wedding, and she is now like 7 Months Prego. =D Exciting!

So we will stay saturday and leave early sunday morning to get back to good old Carson City, and have to set our clocks back an hour (losing an hour of precious sleep) and then start the weekly grind all over again!

Pray for a safe and fun trip!

and don't forget to pray for The Lawrensens... she got to hold her baby for the first time since she was born yesterday! Praise God! and she is 2 months old now... can you imagine?!?

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