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Friday, May 2, 2014

A mom of four's random thoughts

Now that we have had our fourth and last, (lord willing,) I find myself cherishing every little moment, even the annoying ones, with my baby. I know that as he grows, I will never have my own baby fall asleep on my chest anymore, smell that new baby smell, nurse and sing a baby to sleep  or even burp him.

 It is bitter sweet. I love seeing my babies grow up and develop their personalities. Watching them learn is so amazing! But I know that the baby fever will be a hard one to fight off. While I am happy that we aren't having more, I am also sad. But that's ok! 

I can't believe my oldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall! He is growing so fast! I never understood that phrase until I had kids. Time seemed to crawl by when I was on my own, but now that I have a family, weeks go by and It feels like days. I swear I forget something and go back to do it and its been weeks! It's so crazy! Some days I wish time would slow down. Particularly on the days when the kids are all well behaved and rested, right? 

Anyways, now that I have 4 kids, and so much more free time (ha!) I am going to try and get this blog going again. Not making any promises, but I miss it. =) So here is to the future! 


Louise Corrans said...

Wow, I have been reading your blog since you first started and now look at you! FOUR kids. Goodness. Wonderful.

Kate said...

I felt the same with harps. I actually had a photographer friend take a picture of me nursing her because I knew that was going to be a hard thing for me to be done with for good.