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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weight loss challenge, day 1


Ugh, I hate even putting that out here, but its my reality right now. I was 250 before I delivered charlotte 4 moths ago. It is heartbreaking.  I could explain it away with the move, the stress, the seattle weather... but its just been laziness s on my part. I haven't been meal planning, which means we ate out more, I haven't exercised, ive turned to food in my stress and bouts of post partum depression.

But, starting today, my goal is to change that. We are all going to eat better... josh too. We are going to work on it together.

I can do this... i can do this... I did it before,  I can do it again...

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ChristyLove said...

You CAN do it, babe. Rooting for you. Missing you guys, too.