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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Waiting for baby!

Well, here I am, 39 weeks pregnant, just waiting on baby Charlotte!

Went to the Dr. tuesday, was not dilated at all and baby was still too high to strip my membranes... They scheduled me for c-section for monday, which made me mad since I am not due till thursday. (it's been wrong in their computer.) Had a pre-op appointment yesterday, told the dr. I wasn't going to show up, she agreed to cancel it after hearing me out (I am a VBAC patient.) Offered to check me and strip my membranes.... I had dilated to a good 3 in one day! yay! since then just had irregular contractions. Not sure if they are making much progress or not. =) Hopefully soon!

We have movers coming to pack up all our stuff for the move on the 20-21st. Then we will go spend Christmas with my family before making the drive up to Everett.

We sold our house, and are currently waiting for the appraisal results. Praying it appraised for what they offered!

We have an offer on a house in Marysville, WA we are waiting to hear on. it is a Fannie Mae, so who knows when we will hear. Hopefully soon!

So, those are the quick updates. Sorry again for being MIA, but things have just been busy here!

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