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Monday, October 8, 2012

Big Changes Coming

Hey faithful readers. If you are still here, I thank you! haha... I have just been in a blogging funk lately. I've had time to blog... but have had no motivation to do it. I am hoping this funk is ending, and I am going to try and push through it and at least blog on a somewhat regular basis!

But anyways, our family is looking at some big changes in the near future! My husband Josh was extended a job offer with Boeing last week, and we have accepted it! Which means we are moving to Everett, WA! We don't have a start date yet, as he is in the paperwork/drug test/background check processes, but we are excited for this new adventure. (and sad to leave our friends and family, of course!)

It is a great opportunity for him and for our family! I am a bit stressed though, being 7 1/2 months pregnant... not sure how everything is going to work... I am on Medicaid here, and his insurance most likely won't kick in for 90 days, so it's possible he may have to start working up there while I stay here until the baby is born. Everything is just still up in the air, and as a planner, it is driving me crazy! haha.

So yeah... big changes! Moving from the High desert to the wet pacific northwest! I am excited. It is beautiful out there, and I like the rain! I just pray everything works out and goes smoothly!

Pray for us! ;-)

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