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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't feel like sitting and writing several coherent posts, and I have too many different things floating in my head, so I decided to do a random thoughts post. =)

- Camping was fun, but with two little ones it is a lot of work! Ellie was constantly on the go, into everything, and fell down too many times to count... Jack loved it though. I barely slept. I feel like nowadays I need a day or two to recover from vacation. haha.

- We left the campground sunday, and stopped at my parent's cabin on the way home. They decided to take Jack for the week and take him camping with them for a few days. He had a great time, and it was so nice having 4 days with only one child. =) But, we missed him a lot and were glad to have him home!

- I left Thursday to head to my parent's house to get Jack, and go to a baby shower and wedding that weekend. We had a nice visit with them, as always. I ended up staying until this Monday. It was nice to get home.

- Tuesday and Yesterday were spent cleaning and prepping for our 4th of July bbq we had. We had some friends over, hung out, grilled hot dogs and watched the fireworks from our backyard! We had a great time!

- All these reasons contributed to my lack of blogging. Sorry! I was doing so well! I think I tend to go in spurts.

- We bought Jack a little fishtank while he was with Grandma and Grandpa to surprise him when he got home. We had 3 fish and a little frog. He loved it! Unfortunately, he was cleaning yesterday, threw a toy and broke a hole in it. Luckily I was walking by his room and saw it. We all freaked out, and I ended up cleaning up about a gallon of water off the floor while Josh took the fish back to the pet store. Thankfully they have a 14 day return policy... too bad I can't take the tank back. I might write the company about the quality of the tank though.... :(

- Poor Ellie is sick. She woke up this morning with a fever and a runny nose. She's been a little extra cuddly (and fussy) and actually hung out in bed with me for a while this morning, which is rare. I don't know if it's teething or a cold, but she is cutting her two bottom molars right now too. And she got shots tuesday. So, it could be anything. Hopefully she feels better soon though.

- I am so tired... It's like whenever I get pregnant my body decides that 5am is the time it needs to wake up... even though I definitely need more sleep! It is frustrating! I need to get back to my healthy gluten free diet, because that will help too. It is just so hard to get motivated again!

Ellie enjoying some chicken nuggets

Jack Camping with Grandpa

Loving the home depot cart. I might start taking them there just for fun! haha

Jack's silly face

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