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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Man, it's been a while...

Man, I haven't posted in forever... I've just been in a blogging rut. I don't know how else to explain it... I think between the exhaustion and morning sickness, and an almost three year old who is proving to me that the twos were nothing and the threes are worse, and a 1 year old who is stubborn and clingy and wants me all the time, and just trying to keep up with the housework (yeah right.) I just haven't had the extra brain energy to write a coherent blog....

Hopefully now that I am a week away from the 2nd trimester, things will start to get a little better. =)

But I am going to try and put a little more effort into posting... Especially since I have my blog Giveaway event coming up!

so quick update... I am 12 weeks pregnant today! still feeling sick, but I feel like it is slowly getting a little better. Now we just get to deal with the heat. haha.

Ellie is 14 months old and is running around everywhere. She loves to sit in your lap and read, and if you are in the middle of something she does not care. She will throw a fit until you let her climb into your lap... haha. When she want something, she will definitely let you know! She isn't talking at all yet, but she can nod yes or no, and she knows what they mean! She loves the swing at the park and will happily spend the whole time you are there swinging. She loves the water, and she is going to be the one we have to watch... she is almost fearless! But, she is a cuddlebug, and we love her to death!

Jack is 34 months, and I can't believe he will be 3 in less than 2 months! He is so smart, and he talks so well. He can carry on a full decent conversation, and he amazes me almost daily with the words he knows. He is starting to push his boundaries a lot more, and so we are working harder on discipline (any ideas?) and use time outs a lot... but they don't seem to be the best for him. He is the biggest helper ever, and if you ask him to help you do something, he will happily do it. He loves to swim as well, but is a little more cautious. =)

So that's what's up with us, sorry for the long absence and lack of posts, but I am still here, I am not quitting, and I will hopefully do better! =)

I will leave you with a few adorable pictures of the kids. ;-)

(He wanted her to sit in his lap...) Awe!

 (She loves playing with trucks!)

(enjoying the sunshine)

(Ice cream!)

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Sarah said...

kinlee sounds just like Ellie!