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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Potty training update

Well, Jack finally woke up a little after 9 this morning, and he was just not feeling well. After sitting on my lap for an hour under a blanket, and not wanting to eat, I decided to take him to urgent care. When he woke up I went ahead and put him in a diaper since he wasn't feeling well.

So we went to urgent care, and he drank a whole cup of juice. When we got home an hour and a half or so later, he told me he had to go pee. I told him he could go in his diaper, but he stood there doing the potty dance, and insisted he go on the toilet. So, I took him in there and he went. Then he wanted the diaper back on, so I did. 2 minutes later he had to go again. So back to the bathroom we went, and he went! Then I told him we were going to wear underwear because it was too hard to put the diaper on and off (Oh, and the diaper I had put him in that morning was still dry!) So we put on the underwear, and went and ate lunch.

A little bit later (15 mins?) he says he has to go again, so I go in with him. He sits there for like 5 minutes and nothing, so I keep asking him "are you sure you have to go?" and he keeps saying yes. So I leave him in there, and a few minutes later, Josh goes in to check on him, and he says he went poop! And he did!

So, so far today, even though he hasn't been feeling well, he has gone to the bathroom in the toilet every time! Even though we haven't asked him or taken him. He is telling us when he has to go! It's great! I expected it to take longer than this, so we are happily surprised!

Oh, and urgent care said he didn't have all of the signs of croup, but went ahead and gave him a dose of oral steroids... not sure if that was it, but he is acting like he is feeling quite a bit better now, so that's good!

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