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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8 Months Old!

My baby girl will be 8 months old on Friday!!!

She is getting so big!

She is eating 3 meals a day of fruits and veggies with wheat cereal, and she loves it! She is a master of eating puffs or cheerios and she can't get enough of those either!

She started pulling herself up on everything last week, and gets better and better every day. She is even walking along the couch and between the couch and ottomans. I think she will be walking by Christmas.... Yikes!

She cut her first tooth last week! It is still coming through, but it is definitely there!

She is definitely a drama queen! You take a toy away from her, or she falls down, she will scream! Haha.

Aside from not sleeping well (still only getting 2-4 hour stretches at a time, all night long) she is a pretty good baby. =) She loves music and will dance when she hears it, and is always smiling.

We love her to death!

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carlaboo11 said...

how adorable! my youngest just turned 8 months on monday.. such a fun, yet tiring age!