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Friday, August 26, 2011

5 months!

My baby girl is 5 months old! What? seriously? She is growing so much, both physically and developmentally!

She can now roll front to back and back to front.

She loves to stand all the time. She hates when you hold her in a laying position.

She has developed quite a voice and can squeal with the best of them!

She is cutting a tooth, and has been a drooly mess lately. =)

She has discovered her feet, and likes to suck on her toes. hehe

She loves her big brother, and always gives him the best smiles. =)

Her hair is looking more blonde and less red... boo...hope it at least stays strawberry blonde!

She has had rice cereal mixed with formula, and with prune juice. She much preferred the prune juice.

She loves attention. She can't go long without someone holding her or playing with her.

She is sleeping a bit better, and sleeps for 3-6 hour stretches at night. She takes about 3 naps during the day in the late morning, early to mid afternoon and evening, then goes to bed between 8:30 and 10.

She is up to 14 pounds! yay Ellie!

Here are some recent pictures:

I love my sweet baby girl!