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Sunday, June 26, 2011

23 and 3 months!

My babies are getting so big!

Jack is 23 months old! (on the 21st) I can't believe he is almost two! He is definitely showing a defiant side that I am sure will only get worse as he hits 2... But he is learning and growing so much! He is learning new words everyday, and is even starting to sing some songs. I love that he is starting to want to cuddle more (though sometimes he gets jealous when I have to feed Ellie.) His favorite tv shows are curious george and cat in the hat, and he loves Cars and Veggie Tales. He actually woke up this morning and was "singing" veggie tales in his crib. He is eating almost everything we give him now, especially if we give him a fork or a spoon to eat with. Some of his favorites lately are cereal (frosted mini wheats) eggs, most fruits and spaghetti or pasta. He loves to play outside, and especially loves "bebol" (baseball) his toy "menoni" (motorcycle) "min" (swing or swim) and "bokbide" (bike ride.) He is such a great big brother, and tries to help with Ellie by giving her her pacifier or covering her up with her blanket when it falls off. I can't wait to see their relationship grow and develop as they get older. I am so blessed to be his mom, and I love him more and more every day (even when he drives me crazy!)

Ellie hit 3 months old yesterday! She is still a tiny little thing (9 1/2 lbs or so) but she is doing so well! She is smiling all the time and talking and laughing. It is so cute! She is holding her head up pretty well, and loves to sit up or stand (with you holding her of course!) She could be fussing and you stand her up and half the time she will just start smiling. She also hates tummy time, just like her big brother did. =) She is always sucking on her hands (or anything that ends up in her hands) and is drooling a lot. That with the on and off low fever has me thinking she may be teething... I sure hope not! She is such a sweet baby and doesn't cry a whole lot (just when she is hungry, dirty or gassy) We are still supplementing, but she still nurses well, which is good. She is sleeping on her own now too! (in the co-sleeper) which is a huge relief! It was so hard sleeping with her, so I am sleeping better now too. (sometimes she still wants me to hold her come like 6am, which is fine for the most part.) She is sleeping anywhere from 3-5 hours once at night, then sleeps for another 2-3 hours. Some days she naps really well, some days not so much. (half the time it is because Jack wakes her up.) As with Jack I look forward to seeing what every new day will hold, and I feel so blessed to have her!

I will leave you with some pictures!

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