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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I changed beds 4 times last night...

aye aye aye... last night was definitely not the best night for sleep... I mean, really... is any night when you are pregnant? I definitely suffer from pregnancy insomnia... but anyways, here is how my night last night looked.

9:30pm - head upstairs to bed

9:45pm - crawl into bed and pray for sleep to come soon. lucky for me, tonight it does.

11:40pm - wake up to my wonderful husband's snores. can't get him to stop, so I grab my pillow and head downstairs to the couch. some nights I sleep better there anyways.

5:00am or so - lay awake on the couch trying to fall back alseep

5:45am - Jack wakes up and is crying hard... not normal. After a minute or so I get up and go get him and lay down on the air mattress that is on his bedroom floor from the last guests we had. (a new mattress is on the list...) He quiets down quickly, but doesn't want to stay in the same position for more than a minute or two. after almost an hour of him moving around and talking I say "you need to lay down with mommy or I am going to put you back in your bed." he gets off the air mattress and walks over to the other side of the room. I repeat my threat and he goes "yeah." I get up and he is standing in front of his crib. so, I put him in, turn on his music mobile and walk out of the room. He doesn't make a sound and goes back to sleep. *sigh* should have tried that sooner. Hope he sleeps in a little extra today.

6:40am - Crawl back onto the couch to try and fall back alseep. doze a little

7:20am - Josh comes downstairs to get breakfast and go to work. I go back upstairs to the bedroom. try to fall back asleep again. have a little success.

9:50am - Jack is awake! At least he gave me an extra hour of sleep...

So yeah, that was my night... Now time for a cup of coffee...


annc999 said...

Being pregnant is so amazing! Congratulations.

Liz said...

I feel for you! When I was past the 6 month mark the only place I could sleep was sitting up on the couch, no fun!!! My little guy last night too would not go to bed I tried talking to him, rocking him, reading to him, then I just laid him in his crib and 3 seconds later he was out like a light. Good grief right, it seems they only do that when you think they wont lol. I hope you get more rest soon.

Caroline said...

Yeah, I hear ya. I went to bed at 10:40 and snored immediately and my 7 mo. old let me sleep until 2:30 before she started waking up and crying every half hour until she got up at 5:50. So I basically slept a grand total of 4 hrs. lastnight and that has bee par for the course for the last 5 months. Ugh.