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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards and Gifts!

Have you seen all the great Christmas Photo cards that shutterfly has? They have a great selection. Even better than half of the more expensive sites I have browsed!

I love sending out Christmas cards every year. I really enjoy getting the perfect pictures and finding the perfect layout and design. But a huge part of finding a great design is being able to afford it, and Shutterfly is definitely affordable!

They have some really classy, and some really fun designs. Here are some of my favorites:

Aren't they cute? If you are still looking for Christmas Cards this year, you should definitely check out Shutterfly!

Shutterfly also offers lots of other great Christmas gifts, like Desk Calendars, Gift Mugs and lots more!

I think photo gifts are great. They are so personal! I think they are especially great for grandparents and family members who may not live nearby. If you get them a calendar, they can see your smiling faces every day! Or you could make them a neat photo book! I would love to make a photo book for each year of our kids' lives. How neat would that be? It would be so easy to open them up and look back at your kids growing up stages! =)

I have heard nothing but great things about shutterfly and the quality of their prints and gifts. I have only ordered prints from them before and I was definitely happy with them. If you are looking for anything photo related or gift ideas, I would definitely check out shutterfly!

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