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Friday, October 29, 2010

Where have I been?

I have been such a huge slacker on this blog. I feel so bad! I promise I am going to try and do better. Being pregnant and having a toddler (who is cutting molars...yikes!) is just wearing me out and all I want to do when I get free time is lay on the couch and watch tv. =) Anyways, here are the latest updates...

1. I am 18 weeks pregnant today! It seems this pregnancy is just going by so fast! I know a big part of it is that I am not thinking about it all the time like I was the first time around. I have a big distraction in the form of a mini person. ;-) I am over the morning sickness, thank goodness, and I am feeling the baby move more and more! I have my first ultrasound on Monday, so stay tuned for pictures! (and No, we are not going to find out the sex!) We also decided on names! If it is a boy, he will be Caleb Dean (I love the name Caleb, and Dean is my Dad's name.) If she is a girl, it will be Elise Abigail (We will call her Ellie. I have loved the name Ellie for years, but Josh thought it should be more than just that, so we decided on Elise, and we struggled a lot over the middle name, but finally decided on Abigail since it is a biblical name (1 Samuel 25:3 "His name was Nabal and his wife's name was Abigail. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman.")

2. Jack is 15 months old! He is walking all over the place and is getting pretty quick too. He is so busy and active. He doesn't want to sit still at all. He has 6 teeth, having just cut his 4th top tooth, and he is currently teething molars. It started yesterday and he is miserable. runny nose, sneezing, can't breath, super fussy, hardly slept last night (which means I didn't either...) I can't wait until this is over! But he is such a smart little guy. Not saying many words yet, but I think that is by choice. He babbles constantly, and understands you when you talk to him or ask him something. He can point out his head, eyes, ears, nose, belly, arm, leg, feet, and mouth. He is still a little picky when it comes to his food, but will eat something one day and not the next. I think he is better than a lot of kids I've seen though! Overall, he is doing great, and measuring right in the 50th percentile for height and weight!

3. We are still waiting to hear about the house... playing the waiting game and trying not to thing about it. =)

4. We have a fun weekend planned, and I will definitely have pictures to share, so stay tuned! I also have a couple giveaways coming up!

Thanks for sticking around even though I have been a lame blogger! I love and appreciate all my readers!

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