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Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm here! I promise!

So, my blogging haitus has lasted a little longer than I anticipated... but I have just had no motivation to blog lately. We got back from our vacation monday, and I was just so exhausted it took me a couple days to get things back and running...

On the pregnancy front, Things are going good. I am about 12 weeks, and had my first appointment on wednesday. Everything looks good & I have yet to gain any weight (still about 2 pounds down, which is surprising considering how much junk and fast food we ate on vacation!) It also looks like there is only 1 baby in there, which is good... I didn't really get an ultrasound, but the midwife was having issues with the doppler, so she pulled out the little portable ultrasound machine, and I got to see the little bean do a flip and saw the heart fluttering away! My real ultrasound isn't until Nov. 1st though... so that kinda stinks.
I have still been having morning sickness on and off, but it hasn't been bad. Up until tuesday that is.... tue, wed and thurs were terrible! It may have been just all the bad eating catching up to me or something, but I was just nauseous all day, and it stunk! Luckily it seems to be back to normal with just a little nausea here and there.

Well, I have several reviews and giveaways to get posted here in the next couple days, and a few posts about our vacation, so stay tuned! hopefully I can keep up the motivation!

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Maria said...

Hope the morning sickness clears up soon! :-)